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reliability of factory security system

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hello all..i'm getting my m5 in august...a question for all you people who already own a m5...can you tell me what is in the factory security system and is itgood or does it require me to install another alarm like a clifford or an ungo...reason for asking is i bought a brand new sudi s4 last november and got it stolen in march with the factory alarm in it so i'm a little scared about my new m5 getting stolen
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thank you....

Originally posted by one2000m5:
Leebro1: The factory alarm system is adequate for the following reason only. If a professional wants to steal your car, he (they) will do it in less than 2 minutes with a flatbed and chain. They don't "break" in necessarily, they just drag it up the flat bed and away it goes. Most people would think it was a repossesion in progress. It then goes to a warehouse and is then loaded on a freighter for either South America or the Mid East. They got an "order" for your S4 most likely. The best way to protect it is to park it with a paid attendant. The local dealership had a new 528i wagon stolen right off the lot. Noone saw it and it was done before 7pm on a Sunday evening. OUCH!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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