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reliability of factory security system

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hello all..i'm getting my m5 in august...a question for all you people who already own a m5...can you tell me what is in the factory security system and is itgood or does it require me to install another alarm like a clifford or an ungo...reason for asking is i bought a brand new sudi s4 last november and got it stolen in march with the factory alarm in it so i'm a little scared about my new m5 getting stolen
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If someone wants to steal a car they will if they are determined and resourceful enough.
However the 5 series in general is one of the most secure cars on the market.
In the UK What Car does an annual survey of the most secure cars which they have 'attacked' by professional thieves.The M5 passed the test with flying colours lasting over 5 minutes before the thieves gave up,however as the other guy said if they have a flatbed etc then you are in trouble.If you are that concerned best thing is to fit a tracking device.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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