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Interesting fro mthe press release:

"Fuel consumption, and thus CO2 emissions, has been lowered. This is an astonishing feat for a 900+ hp hypercar. Turbo
response is of vital importance when it comes to driving pleasure and the possibility to control massive amounts of power.
Therefore Koenigsegg has joined forces with Borg Warner and adapted to the latest technology when it comes to turbine
materials. The Agera R turbines are made from a material called Gamma-Ti which is an inter metallic compound comprised of
aluminium and titanium. This new material drastically reduces the inertia of the turbine wheel and axle and therefore gives
improved response. Furthermore Koenigsegg has coupled this latest generation turbo technology with patent pending and
proprietary response/back pressure reduction system, invented by Christian von Koenigsegg to really give the Agera engine a
competitive edge when combining maximum power while complying with the strictest emission regulations in the world."
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