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Hi everyone,

I just bought a used 2008 M5 in excellent cosmetic condition with 89,000 miles (or 144,000km) on it. A throttle actuator was acting up and replaced before purchase. There is no service history as it was purchased from a used lot who mainly buys auction and does wholesale. I have no idea what has/hasn't been replaced, but the vehicle looks like it has been decently taken care of.

I have been doing some research but it is hard to get some solid answers, especially since this is opinion, but what should I replace as a precaution if nothing is seemingly wrong? Is there an easy and cheap way to tell if something has been replaced?

I know that the bearings are the #1 thing to replace and so I am likely to replace with BE bearings soon. But is there a way to tell if they have already been replaced in a cheap manner? If I do replace them, what else should I do during to save money on labor? Anything specific on the SMG? I plan on throwing in the RPI pulley, but that's about it. If I put in the BE bearings, is it worth it to use their bolts vs just OEM bolts vs reusing current bolts?

Some further background: I am not able to work on the car myself (I can do very small things but have no tools and even less time unfortunately). I have no extended warranty. I'm a previous e60 2004 530i owner.

Some information with ranking importance of replacing parts (specifics) for prevention would be awesome. I've been following various threads for a while and it seems many people are very educated with these cars so I look forward to any advice you may have. I appreciate conversations have occurred about this general topic, but I feel my question is a little more specific and unique to my situation.

Thanks everyone, I'm excited to be here!
Nathan :nerd
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