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E39 Recall - Battery woes explained!
Service recall is SI B61 05 04

The affected cars are (but not necessailry inclusive) are:

Chassis # range

530i CE95490 - CE95515
M5 CF93921 - CF93991
530iA CK44107 - CK45918
525iA G033870 - G035668
525iT GD50563 - GD50568
525iTA GE11906 - GE11968
525i GF44077 - GF44139

This recall involves reprogramming the Lamp Control Module (LCM, and the service bulleting says:

"Under certain conditions, the vehicle may not enter sleep mode correctly and this results in a high closed circuit current. As a result, the battery may become discharged to such an extent that it may not be possible to start the engine."

Affected vehicles are produced from April 1, 2003 to July 31, 2003.

The bulleting further states that BMW will pick up valet/pick up/drop off service for customers who are experiencing this problem, and fill up your tank.

Recoding is done via the DISPlus at your dealer.

For those of us who have experienced annoying complete battery drains, awaking to dead cars, this is good news!
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