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I'm about to take my car in for 3rd party warranty repairs. Wondering if anyone is familiar with these recalls and campaign issues, esp. DME. What is it? Then I have a list of annoyance problems. I'm hoping my warranty will cover these repairs. I'll have to call them tomorrow.

Recall - Engine Auxiliary Cooling Fan Replacement
Campaign - Engine Low Oil Level Warning
Campaign - Incorrect DME Installed at Factory
Campaign - DME Replacement
Campaign - Navigation System Failure

Other problems I currently have:
1. Auto Climate control has a mind of its own - does not always work.
2. Sport Mode steering does not work.
3. Speedometer did not work once.
4. Windshield washer resevoir leaks - fluid almost all gone.
5. Seat and steering memory does not always work - could be related to key.
6. Keyless entry - remote sometimes won't lock/unlock vehicle.
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