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Recall 11BMZ03

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Hi Guys,

Last week I bought the beast for some service work and my SA stated that there is a recall on my car. I asked her what it was and she said she does not know because it was only providing code; the code according to my invoice is 11BMZ03. I originally bought the car in for software update. She later called me and giving me some BS that the she has mistaken the recall for my 06 4.8is x5. The funny thing was that the paperwork I sign to authorize the repairs shows nothing of about the x5 and all the information was pertaining to the m5. Obviously, my car is out of factory and I had to pay for the repairs. My question is, does anyone here know what this recall is all about?

Side Note: This my first time at this dealership. My local dealership just went through a series of changes and I don't trust them. I had a great rapport with the service manager and SA; they both had left the dealership.
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What I am trying to say is that did I paid for the service work performed on my m5 when it should been covered on under this "suppose" recall. That is the reason I why I am trying to find out what the recall item 11BMZ03 entails. Or for that matter, is there should a recall is described?
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