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Hi community!

I'm looking for a part for a BMW E34 sedan:

"Rear window shelf with sun blind electr. and third stoplamp",
preferred color: anthrazit (part no. 8 139 883).

I know that BMW had discontinued them in all colors... And I know that it is quite rare...

The color is not so important (I can change it) and the sun blind itself (and the electr. motor) I also don't really need.
BUT I need a rear window shelf WITH the **** for the electr. sun blind AND the third stoplamp.

Can somebody help me to find such a part?

Best regards

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I was in a similar situation trying to find a parcel shelf for the real electric shade with the third stop light. I was never able to find one but I found a solution. It appears the big differences between a normal parcel shelf with third stop light and the one that is ready for the electric rear shade is the long hole (for the shade to slide through), 6 bolts (which are glued onto the shelf), and 3 metal ****s (also glued onto the shelf). Tear the 3 metal ****s and the 6 bolts off of an old shelf for the electric rear shade and then glue them onto a normal rear parcel shelf. Then cut a **** in it for your shade.

This is what I am doing since I was unable to find the shelf after months of looking (in several countries including Germany). Good luck though if you do decide to find one. I would recommend just doing checks on with a search for "e34 heckrollo" or "e34 sonnenrollo" everyday.

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Hi! Thanks for your answer! The problem is:

In Germany (and Europe) you can find the electr. sun shade quite often, but only without third stoplamp. This was prescription not before 1998, after production of the E34.

In USA you can only find rear window shelves with the third stoplamp, but with electr. sunshade it is very rare.

And BMW has discontinued it.

You can buy a third stop lamp from BMW for retrofitting, but it doesn't suit very good and you can see, that it is not original.

Maybe anybody else can help me organizing this part?!

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