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Below is the information if anyone needs to get their rear view mirror fixed...
I contacted them regarding fixing my side view mirror but they only repair/replace the OEM rear view mirrors, hope this can help.

Stacy <[email protected]>;

Thank you for the inquiry. If your mirror is Gentex or Magna Donnelly
manufactured, the cost for repair is $97 (including shipping/handling). Rear
view mirrors only. Unfortunately new replacements are not available.
Customers in Canada will be charged $120 (USD) and all other international
repairs $175(USD).

**For international customers please note that your country may have
additional surcharge fees upon the return of your product. These charges are
not included in the price above and will not be paid by Sybesma's

Please be advised that in order to do this we must open the plastics in your
mirror. In the rare instance your plastics break beyond repair, Sybesma's
will make every effort to find a comparable replacement but no guarantees
are made.

Payment is made prior to repair.

If your mirror plastics are beyond repair prior to sending in, we most likely will not be able to assist
Also, be advised that we are unable to test the operations in the home link
feature, auto head lamps and rain sensor, so your mirror may or may not have
this as an operable function upon completion of the repair. If unit does
break, $15 will be retained as a bench fee and the remaining refunded. (If
you would like your mirror shipped back, an additional shipping/handling for
charges will apply)

Please send your mirror along with your name/address/phone/credit card
number stating you would like the mirror repaired and returned to the
address below. If you prefer not to include your card number we will
contact you via phone/email once the unit is received. After payment is made
the typical turnaround time is 3-4 business days for the unit to be back in
route to you.

We no longer carry glass cells that support the slider button
auto dim feature, or for the Mitsubishi Spyder as they are unavailable to

Our program is for Magna Donnelly and Gentex made mirrors only
(it will be the mirror owners responsibility to pay for return shipping if
the mirror sent in is not from one of these manufacturers)

***We request you DO NOT send in any additional plastics with your mirror
(i.e. trim pieces, pins etc.) Your fully assembled mirror the only item
needed. Sybesma's Electronics will not be liable for any lost pieces***

Warmest Regards,
Sybesma's Electronics
581 Ottawa Ave
Ste 100
Holland, MI 49423

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