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Earlier this week I got the "Check Brake Lights" warning intermittently. I inspected all of the bulbs, and they all looked fine, the terminals seemed to be corrosion free, but the light assembly didn't work. I removed the assembly and found the dreaded gasket leak (which from my searches seems to effect the passenger side much more often than the drivers side). The gasket leak led to a badly corroded connector on both the male and female sides. Two questions: I assume there is no way to replace the connector in the tail light assembly, right? I need to find a new (used) tail light assembly and new gasket. What is the best way to repair or replace the male side of the connector? Is this sold as an individual part, or like many things BMW, do I need to buy a whole new car to replace it?

I had a separate (or maybe related issue) crop up last night with my Navigation system. For some reason it is having a very hard time figuring out where I am. Where is the Nav Antenna located and could the water ingress issue with the tail light be getting near a Nav connection as well?

thanks in advance for any help
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