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Rear sunshade retrofit or viable alternative

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The one option I deeply regret not having is the sunshades. I am finding that when I drive into work with my 3 month old, the sun shines right into his eyes. This in turns starts him wailing, not much fun in bumper to bumper traffic. I have tinted windows which help but was wondering if the rear sunshade can be retrofited and if not, what a viable alternative would be that wuold look good and would meet my needs?
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mottati said:
One other thing, there used to be a manual sunshade available as a retrofit. Still need to disassemble the rear deck (not that difficult) but no wiring involved. Might want to do a search over on the regular e39 board on or A guy named Tyrone was the retrofit guru for all things e39. I had thought about doing this for my 528 (same reasons as you, several years ago) and the cost was still near $1k.
The cost to length of time required to actually use the item ratio still makes it impractical.
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