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Rear sunshade retrofit or viable alternative

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The one option I deeply regret not having is the sunshades. I am finding that when I drive into work with my 3 month old, the sun shines right into his eyes. This in turns starts him wailing, not much fun in bumper to bumper traffic. I have tinted windows which help but was wondering if the rear sunshade can be retrofited and if not, what a viable alternative would be that wuold look good and would meet my needs?
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I doubt that just the rear quarter window shades would offer enough side shading by themselves but they are not hard to retrofit and not too costly to do.

I have retrofitted my M5 with the power-sunshade option but without replacing the rear door panels as they were not available in leather at the time. However you can easily retro the small rear quarter window shades by swapping out the plastic frame around the rear side windows for one with a hook to catch the roll-out quarter window shade.

Those with 'stretched-out' quarter shades can easily swap out their old ones for new ones giving the car a fresher look from the side. Maybe I'll post this separately for power sunscreen owners.

Quarter glass roller-sunscreens are about $100 each.

Best of luck!
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