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Since I have own the car I have noticed a weird noise from the back seat passenger side and I was thinking a speaker or the sub was blown.

I finally gave some time to look into this and also upgrade the speakers to the Bavsound speakers.

After finishing this upgrade, which everyone was plug and play wired correctly I still had the noise so I thought it was the sub since I did not replace this.

I played around with the fader and front/ rear and noticed the speakers on the driver side work sometime, but most of the time they are not working. When they are not working it causes a weird noise on the passenger side. If I make the music only come out of the rear passenger side it sounds perfect and no weird noise.

I have noticed this issue on all settings: Sat, Fm (I just coded for the CD player, as I installed the Dension.)

Any suggestions on what would cause this? Amp was replaced by previous owner 2-3 years ago.

Thank you,

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