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Rear Fog Lights

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Are rear fog lights an option for U.S. spec. cars? Looking at the M5 brouchure I see that the dash picture is a Euro spec. car and has rear fog lights - a requirement I believe.

It seems as if some manufacturers - Audi comes to mind - are installing them for the U.S. market, I also see alot of people driving around with them on in conditions that clearly do not warrant their use. I think thay are a very good safety item when used properly, any thoughts?
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I must have missed sonething. Why do you need fog lights on the rear of the car? Seriously.
Same reason you need 400 horse...

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My A6 has single rear fog light. When I follow another Audi - with rear fog light on - it's annoying and involuntarily you keep longer distance.
So - I use it in my A6 - to keep tailers away - it works.
Wish my M5 had it (with it's short breaking).

Though on a highway - without traffic - it doesn't metter even in a fog.


08/00 M5 Silverstone
My wife's MB ML430 has a single rear fog light on the driver's side. I never think about it being there, but then again, we don't get all that much in the way of thick fog where I live.

You may not get fog in Savanna but i guess you get rain. In europe rear fog lights are compulsory but there use is limited to fog and blowing snow. (whiteout)
However if used carefully they are a great way of making sure someone doesnt drive up your a--- (tailgateing) in the spray left behind you in the rain.

FRONT fog lamps are on the other hand NOT compulsory and if fitted, are only supposed to be used in fog or driving snow. But it has become "COOL" to drive with them on as they do in CA.
COOL that is untill you get a £40 ($60)fixed penalty ticket.
I hate people who drive with front fogs on, they are a pain in the a---, they are the same people who drive in the rain with no lights on at all.

Brian R

you're damn right.
I absolutely hate those kind of "COOL" man, too.

Originally posted by Jim Catington:
I must have missed sonething. Why do you need fog lights on the rear of the car? Seriously.
So people behind you can see that you're there in the fog.

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