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My own m5 has been in my garage now over winter having lots of little jobs being done to bring her to what will hopefully be a mechanically and cosmetically sound example. It's an oct 2001 build.

Bit of background, I have oil leaks seemingly everywhere! Oil recovery solenoid a, sump gasket and rocker cover gaskets. I've replaced all 3 seals on both solenoids and the main sump gasket and now that all seems tight and dry. Obviously during this process the old oil(5k miles old) was dropped and fresh castrol 10/60's fed to the beast along with a new oil filter.

When I fired her up she was slightly noisey at first which is what I expected but it' sounds rattle up to about 1800rpm then goes quiet. It's not loud, just a noticeable rattle which sounds like the chain. At Tickover it's a constant rattle but it does pulse or sound like it's slapping.

My gut instinct is that it's the chain tensioner located on the left hand side as you look at the front of the car. I'm not sure what the infamous vanos rattle sounds like in person, the you tube videos never do sounds justice I've found. I've spent most of the morning researching this but can't seem to find anyone else with a constant rattle at low rpm.

As an aside, I also changed both pre cat O2 sensors and the left hand (looking at the front of the car again) was very sooty, the other side was noticeably cleaner. I think they were both original sensors as the right hand one was a complete git to remove like it's never been changed.

Any help or advice always welcome.
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