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Had some fun this morning...

I was heading toward the right-turn to the on-ramp for the freeway this morning when over the hill heading toward me comes an A6 driving "aggressively" as if he were going to get his left-on-to-the-ramp in ahead of me. :haha: so I jumped on it to be sure I hit the ramp first (admittedly a bit of an unfair advantage, not that it mattered much). I pushed hard on the pedal as I hit the the apex of the hard right in second, popped in to third at the beginning of the first curve to the left, was shifting into fourth while making the next curve to the right and on the freeway a few moments later. I then looked up into my rear view and noticed he was probably more than 500' behind me. I eased up on the throttle with a slight grin, backed the car down and merged into the middle lane. A few seconds later he goes flying by me on the left at well over 90. Maybe he had missed a shift on the ramp (I didn't) :noSMG: A little late, Mr. Audi man, but at least I got to see the 4.2 badge on the right of your trunk lip so I could write about you. Perhaps you didn't see the M5 badge on mine...

All fun, but as I crested the next hill he was being pulled over by a trooper! :nono: Too bad, so sad!! I wonder what his explanation was.

My lucky day, I guess LOL!!


(enjoying my newly acquired '03 M5)
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