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Radio died on my 540i

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Okay so yesterday, I was taking the car out for a drive while everyone was at work (birthday so I took a personal day off).

-background - 2003 540ia sport with nav/soundgate adapter with ipod and Alpine cd mpe decoder/changer-

I noticed that the radio volume would not turn up. I looked down and the light next to the power button was off but the cd was still playing. I tried to press the FM button and still no response. The only thing that was working was the eject button. I drove home and looked up online for a resolution. When I turned off the car, the radio was still on!!! WTF!!!!

I looked online and saw to remove the battery. I disconnected the negative cable from the battery and the radio finally turned off. But when I place it back in, the radio wouldn't turn on. No lights, just my NAV was working.
I also saw the sequence of turning the ignition to on (not turning on the car), turn on the headlights, remove fuse #7 and 41 from the glove box then remove the negative battery cable. Wait for 5 mins then replace the cable and the fuse. Tried that.. and didn't work.

Anyone have any ideas? Help.. or is the only resolution is to pay THE MAN (dealer)?