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Radio Service Mode

For pulling out a nice Service Menu out of the Radio, do the following:

Switch the radio on
Push "TP" for at least 10 seconds
A "Service Menu" will appear. You will be informed about
Serial Number
SW Version (mine is from 15/94)
Seek Level ("I" for reception of strong radio transmitters, "II" for reception of all radio stations)
GAL (Geschwindigkeits Abhaengige Lautstaerkeregelung - speed dependent volume control). Set it to 1 for small volume increase when driving faster, and set it to 4 for even more volume when driving faster. Mine is set to "1" and still too much).
DSP (If your car is equipped with the HiFi Professional DSP, you will find an "1" here. Otherwise a "0" (like mine).
FM (some information about the radio station you are currently listening to. Includes also quality of reception.)
To get back from this menu, simply switch off the radio.

Service Mode Menu

If you have a MK2 Nav System (female voice), you can bring up a Service Mode Menu as following:

Set ignition to pos. II
go to "settings"
push the MENU button for at least 20 seconds
The service menu has some TV options, GPS Data and telematik.


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Dave, it's not that my German is any better than yours, but through the brute force method, I found out that the TP button actually got translated into our RDS button.

And you can even pull this menu up while driving. However, our list of options seems difference than what Jean-Christophe has listed.

Jean-Christophe, can you please enlighten me on how to activate the Navigation Service menu?
I tried the ignition Pos II method and it only worked intermitently. I must have done something wrong most of the time and only get it right some of the time.

When I enter the car, put the key into position 0. Turn the key to Pos II and once the Code function is dimmed, I started pressing and holding the MENU button. Only some of the time the menu shows up. Did I do something wrong in the sequence?
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