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I had picked up a Macht Schnell pulley set and of course one thing led to another and ended up replacing the coolant, idler, and tensioner pulleys as well. The radiator had the usual grass, dirt, cigarette butt, and debris collection in there too.
I've had bad luck with the quick connect hoses leaking when reusing them so I originally was going to get new hoses until I saw the pricing. I wasn't going to pay $70 a piece when all I need is the o-ring.

After measuring them they came out to 37.7mm i.d. and 3.8mm thick. I found some from McMaster Carr for $8.75 for five (#9263K533) measuring 38mm x 4mm. I went with Viton as it's temperature range was better than Buna-n. Viton didn't have a rating for coolant but had a good rating for salt water. O-rings went into the hoses with no problem. The Viton is a little harder than the original o-rings so you have to have to push / wiggle the hose on but it results in a nice tight connection. I put everything back together and no leaks.

I've had this headache on the wife's 325 trying to reuse hoses and any o-rings the parts store had were standard size and didn't fit right. Getting hoses for a 325 is cheaper and easier than the special M Power hoses at $70 a pop x4. So two packages of o-rings shipped ran $17.50 instead of $280 for the hoses.
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