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Radar & Phone Placement

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Hey guys, check it out. If you have a power cable for your radar detector that is flat and/or straight (as opposed to the curly cable) you can remove the speaker above the iDrive, and drop your power wire down to a power source in the dash. I had it done with my STi Driver, and used velcro to attach it above the iDrive display. They had to make a small notch in the speaker cover at the edge to accomodate the wire, but it works great. Now, the power cable has a remote MUTE button on it to silence the detector during an alert. The wiring comes down from the detector, into the ashtray where the remote button is kept, then over to a power source. The ashtray closes, and hides the remote button. With the ashtray open, my Motorola Krazor sits in the ashtray right next to the button, and does not fly around. The radar detector is in a great location for front and rear detection of Radar and Lidar signals. Enjoy the pix!


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Couple more pix.


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