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Questions regarding extended warranty/Bluetooth/alu wheels

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new m5 owner in need of help?! Thanks

Doug Here in San Diego. This site has been very helpful the past few months as I have located and purchased my first m5. a 2002 with 3,000 miles! Imagine that. The warrenty runs out in 3 weeks. (purchased new in October 2001). The dealership in New Mexico (where I bought the car) is suggesting an extended warrenty of 4 years/48 thousand miles from now from the company JMandA. It has a cost of $3090. I understand that I can't buy the extended warrenty from BMW, as I'm not the original owner. Your thoughts/experience of these aftermarket warrenties/ JMandA?

Also, is the 2002 bluetooth ready, if not, how much to upgrade?

And it came with factory chromed wheels, I would rather have alumunim. Anyone in San Diego/LA want to trade?

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Re: new m5 owner in need of help?! Thanks

You bought it from a BMW dealer and they didn't let you buy a cpo warranty for $1300??? Aholes. (Only excuse is they weren't a BMW dealer.

Search here for extended warrantys- hundreds of posts on the various companies and relative merits. Your state of residence is a BIG factor.

never heard of JMandA


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