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Hi guys,

I know that the ASD topic has been beaten to death, but I feel like I have a unique question about it that I haven't seen in any other threads regarding it.

So, I purchased my 2013 M5 two weeks ago. It's a fabulous car, but I am absolutely astonished at how quiet it is from within the cabin. I mean, I can hear a bit of the exhaust and shifts and turbo whine, but I basically cannot hear any engine note unless I'm upward towards redline. Even then it's quiet! Is this normal?? So I suspected that the previous owner turned ASD off, so first I pulled back the trunk liner to see if the ASD was plugged in. Sure enough, it was. So then I figured he coded it off. So, I purchased an OBD plugin, and downloaded BimmerCode... But I've noticed in the app, you can only turn ASD OFF. In order to turn it on, you need a backup file. But my point is I don't have a backup file. I'm a new owner to this car and I've never connected to it before, so how am I supposed to turn ASD back on? I e-mailed BimmerCode's tech support and the guy hasn't been of much help. His answers are short, and did not provide results when I tried them.

So I downloaded BimmerLink for nearly $30.00, thinking that the apps simple "On/Off" switch of ASD would help. Well, it didn't. Either which way I put it, the car is as quiet as a mouse. No change. It's so weird. My 2008 M5 sounded incredibley beautiful from within the cabin. It was a monster. My F10... It's like I'm riding in a sound bubble.

Is this normal? Are these cars really this quiet? If not, how the heck do I turn ASD back on without a backup file!? :(

Thanks guys.
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