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Quatar Times: Launch of the BMW Alpina B5S with detailed notes

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Quatar Times: Launch of the BMW Alpina B5S with detailed notes

“Over the course of the past two years, ALPINA engineers have been thoroughly analysing the engine for additional potential, both on the test stand and on the road. Through further development allowing for an optimised combustion process, power was increased from 500 to 530 horsepower, while simultaneously raising torque from 700 to 725 Nm.

“BMW ALPINA vehicles have always been known for their torquey, powerful engines, smooth ride and luxurious interior design,”

"The modified ALPINA V8 receives boost from a so-called “radial compressor”, which one may visualise as a combination of a turbo and a compressor, resulting in superior power delivery, even at low rpm, up to a peak of 530 horsepower at 5,500 rpm."

“This provides a very broad power curve across which the B5 S offers superior performance. The B5 S drivetrain distinguishes itself through its responsiveness as well as its ability to rev effortlessly up to the redline."

“At the same time, ALPINA worked closely with ZF to develop the new ALPINA Sport SWITCH-TRONIC. The shift durations of the excellent ZF 6HP26 automatic transmissions were able to be reduced by 50%. In manual mode the shifts feel comparable in their dynamism to a double clutch gearbox. The reaction time is 1/10 of a second. Especially sporty drivers will benefit from the blip of the throttle on down-shifts in this mode.”

"The SWITCH-TRONIC allows the entire rev range to be accessed on down-shift, without upsetting the automobile’s balance."

“Shorter shift times mean better responsiveness and faster acceleration, the result being a 0-100 km/h sprint in just 4.6 seconds, one of the fastest in its class, up to a top speed of 317 km/h, three km/h faster than its predecessor,” continued Majdalani.

“The new transmission also helps in lowering fuel consumption. In combination with the modified engine, the B5 S results in best in class fuel economy and CO2 emissions, while still providing unmatched power and luxury in its class.

“Interior design and safety remain pillars in the ALPINA design, the B5 S receiving inviting warm and comfortable materials, as well as bold, uncluttered lines and forms - the asymmetrical treatment of the front two doors represent a good example of this unique interior design.

“Additionally, a new drive-bywire shift lever replaces the mechanical connection to the automatic transmission and presents itself in an ergonomic joystick design.

“When it comes to safety, 20” wheels and stiffer stabilisers result in quick and precise driver input, while reducing body-roll during high-speed cornering. Stopping ability is aided by massive front and rear brake discs, allowing the car to go from 200 km/h to a standstill in less than 5.5 seconds. In combination with two-piston TEVES floating callipers, extremely high deceleration values and fade-free, linear braking are guaranteed.

“A long list of standard luxury and safety equipment leave almost nothing to be desired in the ALPINA B5 S; whether a traditional fine wood and hand-crafted leather interior, or a myriad of safety technologies, the BMW ALPINA B5 S is the perfect car for any luxury performance vehicle enthusiast,” Majdalani added.