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qty 2 OEM E39 M5 Front Wheels with PS2 (buy a spare!)

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These two wheels came off my 2003 M5 about a month ago when I made the switch to 275s on each corner... so now I am selling the two fronts that I no longer need.

I know it is fairly common for people to buy these and use them as spares for longer road trips etc...

Michelin PS2 tires with plenty of tread left - 245/40 ZR18
tires have about 10000 miles on them... but they are fronts... maybe a 1/4 inch from the wear bars (see pics)

I am the second owner of my car and I think that these rims were refisinshed by the previous owner to "as close to shadow chrome" as his wheel shop could get. They are not a perfect match to OEM finish... but are close.. perfect for a "just in case" spare wheel and tire...

They are in great shape (one has a mark on it and it is pics -- no other marks).

I am asking $255 (?) each plus shipping.

Wheels are located in Seattle.

Wheels will be shipping from 98108 and weigh around 30-40 lbs (?)

paypal, send me a check, fed ex me cash, cash in my hand... whatever you want...

So here are the pics:

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Wheel still for sale?
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