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Hey guys!!

I'm back with another interview from Bimmerfest featuring the owner of Pure Turbos! First let me start by saying Jesse is not only a really nice guy, but he's also very passionate about his business! He's obviously very in tune with the customers and is able to relate to them by responding to their feedback. Initially he started with products specifically designed for BMW's but like any good business owner, he listened! When Mercedes Benz owners were asking him to branch out, that's exactly what he did. Now he develops products for BMW, Mercedes, Mcclarren, & soon to be going into the Ferrari division.

Pure Turbos had their Stage 2 products featured at the event and they are a beauty!!

Some items featured in the video are:
- M3/M4 turbos
- M5/M6Turbos
- N55 Engine Turbo
- N54 Motor
- All Hybrid Turbos

Pure Turbos upgrade the compressor and turbine wheel to turn your stock car into a beast! They're designed to unleash more flow capacity. They make multiple options to apply to all platforms for BMW and with his products, an M3/M4 can jump up to the 600HP level fairly easy!

Pure Turbos has officially been open for 10 YEARS!! I want to personally congratulate them on their 10 year anniversary and wish them all the success!! Don't forget to invite me to the 11th year celebration :)

I hope you all enjoyed this video! Don't forget to subscribe to our channel, like the video, and leave me any comments with what type of videos you want to see Extreme Power House do!



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