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Well I bought an E34 M5 a couple of weeks ago and the car honestly runs like crap. I didn't spend much on it so I guess I got what I paid for. The clutch pedal sometimes returns, sometimes just comes out about halfway, or sometimes just stays down. Then I went for a test drive after adjusting my throttle cable, and the shifter feel out, literaly the entire linkage was bouncing off of the driveshaft. At least the car was still in first gear, so thats how I drove home. No lets move on the really bad stuff, both door skins were comming off the door so I decided I would remove them and investigate, I found out that who ever repaired this car was a big fan of superglue because that is how the whole interior was put together. So in a west coat pimp my ride moment I removed the entire interior. The only thing in there is the driver and passenger seats.

I am going to start over from scratch all new interior, carpets, headliner, all new interior pieces. But first I am going to get the car running the way it is supposed to. Just ordered the New EVO III shifter from UUC along with UUC's selector rod. 400.00 bucks in all to UUC I will let everyone know how it turns out. MANY MANY pics to come


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