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Preparing to sell my car - any suggestions?

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The new car will be here in about a month and I'll need to sell my current car to make way for the E60.

I am taking it to the dealer next week for an oil service and they will also "give it a going over" with grease etc.

Of course, the car will be scrubbed and polished until it shines all over (which it does in any case!). I have all the paperwork in order as well.

Anything else I should do before putting it up for sale??
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Let her know you still love her... and feed her a bottle of STP System Cleaner in the fuel.

I say trade it for a different color E39 with less miles (because I love it soooooooo much) and then wait for the manual E60....
Ashok Arora said:
Anything else I should do before putting it up for sale??
Track her one last (or first) time before you go lauch control crazy!! good luck with selling her.

you know, it's nice to be back again - i've been banned from visiting the board at work, and life at home is so hectic with the kids ... by the way, number three arrived last week... we are all fine.... and with exams and trying to write my MD:eek:
Yes, there is something you need to do before you sell her. Take her on a wonderful road trip with the family. Find a wonderful spot a few hours away, enjoy the fine company of a great family, take a ton of pictures, and have one last sweet memory of a great road trip in one of the best cars ever made.
I would do that, and then learn how to drift it if you dont know already. :haha:
Ashok, is your car left or right hand drive?

- Kin
Sorry to hear that you are selling for a E60. I just can't accept the 'new' look :grrrrr: , but that is just MHO.

I hope you enjoy it.

How long have you owned your E-39? I would think it must be hard to see her go after all these years. Good luck with the E-60 anyway.

Left hand drive. I'm the first owner & had it since October 31, 2001. Had some great times but it's time to move on :wroom:
So it was definately your car I saw when I was in Trafalgar Sq last Saturday. I was telling my bro what a nice M5 it was...

I was eyeballing it like crazy so you might have thought I was going to hijack you. So if you remeber a chinese guy in a big white coat checking out your car it was me.
Yep that was me & thanks :byee55amg

Maybe letting all of us know the price, full spec and put some piccies up on the forum ? :flag:

Don't know if it's worth an advert on as it's LHD ?
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