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Well, you have a couple of options here......I buy ALL of my cars based on price, mileage and mods......and consequently most of them end up being out of state because I am searching on a national level....those I ALWAYS have a PPI done by a dealer. AND I don't just ask, hows the paint? I ask are there ANY chips onthe hood.......if so HOW have to get VERY detailed in your questioning....however..the M5 I just bought just happened to be only 400 miles a car still under warranty I didn't need to do a PPI BECAUSE I was bringing the funds with you should be doing as well....any bank you might finance through will approve the loan and hand you a check and until the other party cashes that check.....your loan doesn't start. go and get the car......if upon initial passes your're good to go. If however it doesn't walk.

Oh and I would call his dealer and go over the service history of whats been done to the car also.

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