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My driver's-side pre-facelift headlight has lost four out of the six clips that hold it together (the black plastic clips have snapped off from both parts of the headlight, i.e. the front section that carries the lenses, and also the main housing).

I've obtained a non-M5 E39 headlight with intact clips, which I wanted to use as a replacement. Other than needing to drill a small hole to accommodate the xenon wiring, the main housing is identical hence I can transfer over the ballast and bulbs. I know that the xenon lens is different from the non-xenon, so I would swap over the lens accordingly.

The other difference is that the colour of the indicator on the non-M5 unit is a stripey white rather than the clear smoked indicators of my M5 units. So basically what I want to do, is to separate out the clear plastic outer part of the lens section, from the black plastic part, so that I can re-use my M5 outer piece but replace it with the black section from my other lens housing with the intact clips.

Has anyone done this? There's are no obvious clips holding the two parts together so maybe they need to be baked?
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