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Dino said:
A friend of mine is thinking of getting a Powerchip for his 1999 540i automatic.
Anyone had experience with the chip in this car? Thanks.

Yes, What is he looking to get out of the addition of the "chip"?

If adding HP is the reason, then I would STRONGLY suggest getting a preinstallation dyno prior (baseline) and then a post installation dyno (after running hte car for a few days etc) to measure the increase in HP

In my instance , it did not provide an increase in HP. But then again, my 540 seems to be making more HP than most stock 99 540's I have seen

my initial run (been a while so may be off by 1-2 hp) was 264 hp / 300 tq (most were in the range of high 240's to lower 250's) which was pretty good I though.. ponied up for the PC, and re-tested on the SAME dyno, by the same operator (weather station attached to the dyno to SAE correct, large fan, etc... everything was the same) and came out with 262 / 300.... statistically unchanged

I stated this to the company, provided pre and post dyno results and the monies were propmptly returned under their refund policy. One of the best companies I have had the pleasure of working with (even though it did not work out for me, they are great at customer service)

but the car "felt" faster... don't know why, just not able to measure the increase in the performance of the car on a dyno

for the additional $$$ to get the car dyno'd, it is a good place to start with you can measure the impact of each product, and evaluate them from a performance standpoint

Other people have had GREAT success with the PC on their 99 or so 540ia's your results may vary
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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