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Powerchip and Air temperature & Multiple Q

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Ok multiple questions. I recently purchased a 03 M5 w/ 25K miles and installed the Powerchip and noticed slightly more torque in the low revs. However since I live in Florida the air temperature has gone up to the high 80's/low 90's and I've noticed that the car lacks the punch I experienced even before the Powerchip installation. Does Air Temp/Heat make that much a difference? The previous owner installed K&N filters which I probably will replace since they've been installed for 15K miles. Will this really make that much difference? I really would like to keep the 03 M5 for a long while and plan on changing the oil every 3K or less. Any other recomended maintenace/ service? The car was also CPO'd but the dealer didn't do anything but inspect and change the oil.
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Normal phenomenon!

Our temperatures here in Bahrain can get up to 130 degress! Even with my IATS relocation kit installed, my beasts loses 40hp's inpower!
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