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Powerchip and Air temperature & Multiple Q

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Ok multiple questions. I recently purchased a 03 M5 w/ 25K miles and installed the Powerchip and noticed slightly more torque in the low revs. However since I live in Florida the air temperature has gone up to the high 80's/low 90's and I've noticed that the car lacks the punch I experienced even before the Powerchip installation. Does Air Temp/Heat make that much a difference? The previous owner installed K&N filters which I probably will replace since they've been installed for 15K miles. Will this really make that much difference? I really would like to keep the 03 M5 for a long while and plan on changing the oil every 3K or less. Any other recomended maintenace/ service? The car was also CPO'd but the dealer didn't do anything but inspect and change the oil.
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You might consider an intake air temp sensor relocation.

The engine computer may be an artificially high reading when the car is stopped or moving slowly due to 'heat soak' within the engine compartment. By locating the sensor in the intake air path, you don't get false readings. The next step may be CAIs, but I can't speak to their real benefit.

Congrats on the 03 purchase-

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