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Notice power steering fluid leaking down the hoses from the main reservoir and dripping on the belly pan then to your garage floor?

Reservoir (BMW term "carrier") has multiple places to leak, seal at top #3 and the hoses at the bottom. Housing/carrier/reservoir cracking from over tightening or vibrations happens all the time. There is a none replaceable filter inside most of the carriers as well.
Professional Method: Replace the carrier, clamps, and the hoses that go to it. Simple easy fix.
Band Aid Method: Unbolt the carrier (reservoir) from its mount, clip off 1 to 1.5" off the end of the hose, replace with worm drive clamps and presto for 80% of you the leaks are gone. The hoses become brittle at the supply end and loose their ability to seal. There is enough slack in the hoses for this quickie fix.
Choose one from above.
Images below from: Penske Parts - Parts Catalog for BMW & Mini

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