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Possible disappointment with Carbon Black

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I saw my first Carbon Black up close and personal Saturday. Some poor guys car came in just as he had to go out of town on business. Poor guy has to sit in some hotel room and think about his car sitting on the dealer lot until he can pick it up next week. Bad news for him, good news for me as I got a chance to oogle it for quite a while. My thoughts.

I have changed my order from Carbon Black (blue) to Jet Black as the car looks kinda blue in the sunlight. Don't get me wrong, it is a good looking color, just that I thought I was ordering a metallic black but there is more blue than black.

The great news
is that I finally got to set my butt inside one. I am 6'3" and the car fits and feels excellent. The seats are very, very comfortable. In some cars the thigh bolsters cut into the back of your thighs if you are a big guy. These did not. The thigh extention feature of the seat makes it sooooo much better.

This car had the brushed aluminum inside with the grey seat inserts and it does well together.
You will lust this car. Just wait till you can start the engine. Its almost better than sex.
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I just took delivery of my jet black M5. It looks tremendous. You will not regret it!
Carbon black is ok but it is blue. Good luck!
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