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poor poor m5

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saw this on another forum. scroll down to see the pictures :sad1:

Poor E39 M5
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Wow, that is sad. With that HUGE tow hook, someone should just tow that bad boy away . . . Yet another example of too much money and not enough good taste . . . Opps, I mean in my humble opinion. Kevin
One word to describe that travesty...FUGLY :haha2:

Relax it's not an M5. Look at the 520size brakes:D
bayerischemotor said:
Relax it's not an M5. Look at the 520size brakes:D
Unfortunately, I do believe it is an M5. The breaks look tiny due to the 20 or 21 inch wheels....



"Friends don't let friends do mods like that"..... If only that were the case here!:byebye:
er, nice wheels at least ouich
My guess its not an M5. It has chrome around the windows and there is no badge on the moldings. I know they are options, but why would you have the badge on the back, and some fake ones on the side(above the grills), but not have the regular ones on the molding?
I think the exhaust in the back is way spaced apart too. I think the M5 exhaust is closer together. maybe.

who cares, its HELLA UGLY hiha

Still, they look small. And the calipers looks smaller as well, and they are a bit fuzzy so not able to look for the M badge. But let's all pray its a hotted 520. Starge that they don't have a picture from the inside or the engine bay...
i truly hope that that's not an m5. all buyers should be screened and interviewed before purchase, then we could all avoid horrible monstrosities like this.

M5 or not, that car is an abomination and needs to be taken out to the desert and shot. Thank god cars dont have feelings...
FUGLY sums it up pretty well. More likely than not, it'll be crashed in 6 months by the twit who added all the cr*p on. :crying2:

Sad, sad, sad. :rolleyes:
sorry...I had to cross myself after seeing that!

Makes me appreciate Michael Jackson's attire. This car is SICK, literally.

[sarcasm]Where can I get that body kit for my beast?[/sarcasm]
With prices dropping like stones in the UK I am sure there will be quite a few more like this within a few years, Max Power magazine has a lot to answer for!

All I can say is :crying:
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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