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PLZ, rehost the Lonman vids!!!

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at first, hello all

my first post, iam an gumball fanatic and i love lonman :haha2: but i cant see and download the videos from this site. i dont know why?! So plz to all who got the vids from lonman and his SL55AMG i be very thanksfull ive somebody could rehost them to a server that works. i would love to see the video Lonmans SL55AMG vs. Mr. Bass RUF Turbo R and the others. PLZzz :M5launch:

PS: are some vids from Kimbles awesome CLK-DTM out yet??? i would love to see they too:typing: mmmmmm

I dont know why, i cant download the lonman SL55AMG vids from this page and from some other sites like womble or something, they are all not valid.

PLZ anybody rehost,

big thanks tvrfan :byee55amg
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Gustav said:
I tried Internet expolrer now and it worked also flawlessly :)
Ähmm, do you click on the picture, or just on the play button. If I push the play button, the video starts, but only a few seconds and I think not the complete video.
And I would like to download the videos. Is that generally possible?

Thank you for help. I appreciate that a lot. :15:

P.S.: Turning of the firewall doesn't help too.
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