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Hello All,

Thanks for the great responses I had on my last post. I am ordering an M5 with week26 as the production week. From glancing through a few previous posts, it seems like I should specify the Alcantara roofliner option. Does anyone have this option WITH the extended leather? Please tell me what the option code is.

The car I am currently ordering has:

- 0397 Anthracite Metallic Exterior
- M3SW Black Ext Nappa Heritage

And on the options:

- 0320 Delete M5 Badge
- 0416 Rear Sunshade (this precludes me from
getting all leather option -- but I've
decided against all leather anyway)
- 0508 grandma parking warning thingy

If anyone could give me the code for "Alcantara roofliner," I would greatly appreciate your help. You can either email me at [email protected] or post here.

Thanks a lot in advance! Hope it's not too late for week26 car to change this.

Enjoy Motoring,

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Hello again,

Whoops. Forgot something in case someone wonders about BMW option codes:

There's one more option on my order:

- 0438 Wood Trim

(I have no clue whether this is the Walnut or something else)

and I also have decided AGAINST (i.e., have this deleted)

- 0465 Fold-Down Rear Seats

As I heard from many on this message board that the foldable seats squeak.

Thanks a lot for any help to my previous message in advance!

Happy Motoring,
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