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Hey guys,

I own a 2009 E63 M6 but for the sake of more traffic and views decided to post my question here and it is SMG related anyway.

My car has just under 14,000 miles on it and was babied it's entire life. I bought it last November when it had just under 10,000 miles from the original owner. He had maintenance done yearly and the car is basically in as "like-new" condition as you can get. Service records under his ownership showed no problems except for annual maintenance being done.

I had zero problems with the vehicle until it's first service under my ownership. I took it to my BMW dealer to have 4 new tires installed, oil change, and a brake-fluid flush. The first day I picked it up everything worked fine. The next day when I was in on my way to work on the highway, the yellow cog "Transmission malfunction" error came on out of nowhere and the transmission had trouble shifting into gears correctly and would lurch into gears violently and with a delay. I drove it extremely carefully for the rest of the way to work and would feather the throttle so that it would shift into gears somewhat normally without the violent lurch. When I came out of work, I started the car up and the error message was gone, however, it came back 10 min later. I ran the codes and got back 510E, 510D, and 4FA0. Through research, I concluded that it must be the PLCD sensor.

It's currently back at the dealer I took it in originally to have the PLCD sensor replaced.

My questions is this: knowing the spotless history of the car and having had zero problems with the car before I took it in for service, could the sudden fail of the PLCD sensor have been caused by rough-driving by somebody at the dealership? Or do you believe it's truly just random?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this!
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