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Please advise: is this hard to take off car?-PIC included

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im in the process off wrecking a 3.6 M5.
got a guy who bought the items in the pic below and i just wanted to know if there is anything that i should know or that will give me grief? BTW the gearbox is out and the top of the engine (head above) is off also.
please let me know if there s something to look out for.
PS: if you refer to something, let me know what number its in the diagram, as im not familiar that well with the names of those parts. thanks

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Hi Adin, looks like the guy has brought the clutch hydraulic system. The slave cylinder ( 12 ) is attached to the gearbox so should already be off, the master cylinder ( 1 ) is inside the drivers footwell. It should not be too difficult to remove these parts, however the solid metal lines like 9 and 27 can become rusty and care has to be taken if these are removed so as not to damage them.

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