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Pirelli SottoZero Winter Tyres - Full Set

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Hi Guys,

With the icy conditions this winter in the UK I decided to invest in some winter tyres and I'm extremely gald I did! My M5 now goes where 4x4's fear to tread!
Initially I looked for a set that would fit the original alloys on my E60 M5 but found them extremely hard to find in that size. In the meantime, I opted for the official BMW winter wheel package but not before I had ordered a set of SottoZeros from various different places. The last one arrived yesterday and I don't need them now. These tyres give loads more grip and improve stopping distances dramatically in conditions of 7 degrees celcius and under, not just ice and snow.

So, I have the following Pirelli SottoZeros for sale.......

2 x Rear Tyres - Size 285 40 19. These are Brand New and cost around £400 each!
2 x Front Tyes - Size 255 40 19. These have 8mm of tread, so they are virually new.

I also have a pair of part worn Front Tyres - Size 255 40 19 with around 4mm of tread on them.

If anyone is struggling to find a set of winter tyres for their E60 M5, I've done all the legwork for ya!

Any sensible offers will be considered but, guys, please remember that the 2 brand new rear tyres would cost £800 on their own!


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Pictures Below.........

Brand New Rears. Still have the rubber "bobbles"....

Front, nearly new, in profile, showing type and tread depth......

Front, nearly new profile, showing size and tread depth.......

Nearly new fronts with no visible wear...

Rears, in profile, with "bobbles".......

Rears, in profile, with "bobbles".......

Part worn fronts (extra to the full set).........

Any Questions, please ask away.


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