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Pictures from Ojai Run April 12th (Beware: Alot of pics)

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Here are some pictures I took from the Ojai Run. It was great meeting a bunch of awesome people, not to mention we had a awesome line up of cars. The Blue Turbo was an absolute beast, we had some fun playing catch and mice on the 101 coming back form Ojai. Then theres was the ford gt, which is absolutely stunning and sounded brutal! I got some nice huge rock chips on my bumper but it was worth it, the drive was amazing...too bad I couldn't push my car since I got fresh tires. I'll be ready for the next drive though with my new KW Coilovers...I seriously gotta get a supercharger soon :M5launch: Enjoy the pictures, if anyone wants the a full resolution pic just let me know.

:cheers: Jun

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