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Pickup: '91 M5 (prod 02/90); Suspension/Steering Refresh

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As the title says I just picked up a '91 M5 (prod 02/90) with 118k miles. It was sitting at a Ford dealership for $8k, and was able to swing a straight trade (no fees) for a '04 VW GTI VR6 with 75k miles which was in desperate need of a transmission replacement. Dealership didn't even test drive the VW, LOL...

I've driven it daily for two weeks and already I plan to fully restore/rebuild it to it's peak potential.

- interior is very clean, easily a 9 out of 10, with a few minor issues
- exterior has a few cosmetic problems, 7 out of 10 as the hood has a shoddy respray
- wheels need to be refinished
- motor seems solid after a tuneup kit / level 2 service / complete fluid flush
- minimal rust, problem areas (jack points, fluid lines) have been sprayed with sealant to be repaired later
- needs motor mounts, BMW parts on order, will be on the car this weekend
- needs valve cover gasket, BMW part on order, will be on the car this weekend
- needs a complete suspension/steering/braking refresh

The last bullet leads me to the real reason for this post (other than to show off the new ride)...

I'm in the process of procuring all the BMW OEM (Lemforder!) steering and suspension parts. I've done my homework using parts catalog and cross referencing Pelican Parts. Can someone review my parts list and point out any obvious stuff I'm missing? Thanks very much in advance!


10 - Pitman arm - 32-21-1-137-467-M9 $100.00
11 - Hex bolt - 32-21-1-137-483-BOE $3.25
12 - Lock nut - 07-12-9-964-672-M9 $0.75
13 - Spacer - 32-21-1-130-947-BOE $3.00
14 - Idler arm - 32-21-1-136-450-M69 $37.25
16 - Hex bolt - 07-11-9-912-677-BOE $1.25
17 - Hex nut w plate - 32-10-1-133-077-BOE $6.00
9 - Tie rod, center - 32-21-1-138-864-M80 $114.25
3 - Tie rod, outer - 32-21-1-135-666-M69 $39.75
3 - Tie rod, outer - 32-21-1-135-666-M69 $39.75
1 - Left tie rod lever - 31-13-1-133-557-BOE $91.75
1 - Right tie rod arm - 31-13-1-133-558-BOE $96.00
2 - Hex bolt - 07-11-9-911-694-BOE $1.50 X6


2 - Front control arm, left - 31-12-1-139-987-M69 $123.25
2 - Front control arm, right - 31-12-1-139-988-M69 $125.00
4 - Hex bolt - 07-11-9-914-684-BOE $2.75 X2
5 - Flat washer - 31-11-1-136-895-BOE $1.00 X4
6 - Lock nut - 07-12-9-900-047-M9 $1.00 X2
7 - Front support arm, left - 31-12-1-141-097-M69 $98.00
7 - Front support arm, right - 31-12-1-141-098-M69 $95.50
8 - Front support arm bushing - 31-12-2-226-528-M69 $22.25 X2
9 - Hex bolt - 07-11-9-914-854-BOE $2.25 X2
10 - Flat washer - 07-11-9-905-829-BOE $1.50 X4
11 - Locking hex nut - 07-12-9-922-745-BOE $1.00 X2


1 - Front sway bar - 31-35-2-226-333-BOE $191.50
2 - Sway bar bushing - 31-35-2-226-334-BOE $18.00 X2
3 - Bushing mount - 31-35-1-131-622-M9 $8.75 X2
4 - Wave washer - 07-11-9-932-095-M9 $0.25 X4
5 - Hex nut - 07-11-9-922-856-M769 $0.25 X4
6 - Sway bar end link - 31-35-1-134-582-M69 $30.50 X2

For brakes I'm just going to throw on all OEM parts and rebuild/powdercoat the calipers (I'd love Brembo/Mov'it, but that's $$$$). For struts and springs I'll most likely go with a Koni/H&R combo and delete SLS.

Any other comments or suggestions? This is my first E34 so I'm all ears!


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If the car legitimately needs a sway bar (!!!) go for the 26mm E32 Mtech part, look in the euro catalog and do the 20mm M5T nurburgring rear at the same time. Also, not sure why the steering box pitman -467 is on the list, they tend not to wear out.

Call BMA on some of these parts, have Patrick hook you up,

nice to see the dealer ditched the junk aftermarket wheels that were on this when it was first on ebay

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Hey, thanks for the reply. The car may not legitimately NEED all of these parts (sway bar, pitman arm) but I've always had bad luck installing new steering/suspension components and an older part failing shortly thereafter. I'd rather just refresh everything in one go...

Actually, the dealership had two '91 M5s, the one I got and another one with aftermarket wheels. The other one was BEAT, faded interior/exterior and motor ran rough. Here's it is in its sad state:

BMW : 5-Series - eBay (item 360332842300 end time Jan-05-11 08:12:18 PST)

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Funny you should say that... I'm still low on the post-count and unable to send PM's as well.

You can email me at mnwinter01 at hotmail dot com.

I'll dig them out and take some pictures if you like. They aren't perfect, but they are in really good shape. They were on the car for a while, so they're covered in brake dust on the backs, but they haven't been on the car for probably 10 years.

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Yeah, unless it's heavily damaged there should be no reason to replace the stock sway bar w/another stock sway bar. The end links do wear out (need to replace mine right now), and the bushings & hardware are cheap so you can replace those while you're in there. I have a habit of doing that as well.

Pelican is one of the places where I buy a good amount of stuff. As well as Tischer BMW ( Run all of those numbers into their site as well, might be surprised that some things are cheaper from them than from Pelican or the like.

BMA is supposedly good. Not tried them myself. But I've heard many times from many people to call up Patrick @ BMA...

AutohausAZ is pretty good as well. Between Pelican, Tischer, BMA & AutohausAZ you should be able to get the best pricing & service on any part you could ever need for your car.

Any reason you're not keeping the suspension mostly original? They're nice on original suspension. Though a friend eventually went w/a Dinan Bilstein/SLS maintain kit on his '93 M5 & I quite liked that as well. That felt rather close to medium-firm setting on my factory suspension on my M-Sport. I'd imagine the Dinan Koni/SLS maintain kit would be a bit better.

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welcome and :thumbsup: to another M5 coming back to proper maintained use!

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