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First of all , I apology if I post this thread in wrong section , I know there is Porsche section ,
but it seems that is specially for 911 Turbo or Panamera , and I see a Cayman GT4 post here , so I post this here .

You may remember me from the Koenigsegg Regera recolor , I'm now having recolor the all-new GT3 RS .
I did the recolor because my friend told me he somehow missed the graphics of old GT3 RS ,
so I tried to show him , what it would be like , if the new GT3 RS have graphics .

p.s. ... all the photo are off from Porsche's configurator

starts off with this , since my friend love green color , especially RS green ,

tried to fix my faulty "RS Green"

I finalize it here , should I called it "RDS Green" instead ? Because it wasn't best replicate ,

I made this one because I like the contrast ,

997.2 GT3 RS scheme ,

this one is actually default Purple

one of my friend love Dark Blue , and I think this scheme exist in real life ?

last , a scheme for myself !

Hope you guys love this ! They're not the best , and IMO not as good as the Regera one , too .
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