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Perma-seal car wax

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Hello all,

I'm wondering if there is a northern state board member who would be willing to do me a huge favour.

I bought this awesome wax called "Perma-seal" for my car(s) two years ago at the Auto Show in Toronto, Canada. I'm almost out the wax now so I just tried to order more over the phone just moments ago they told me that they wouldn't sell any to me because I live in Canada (what gives:dunno:).

My question (or favour as it were) is...would anyone be willing to give me their mailing address for the shipment? I would like to have the product delivered to a US address (which the company said they would do) at which point you could then forward it off to me in Canada.

I know it sounds crazy but this wax has proven to be absolutely the best wax I have aver used (both the wax and the powder). Why the company would come to a Canadian Auto Show and sell a product that we can't buy here (or their) is beyond me:confused:

Would anyone be willing to help me on this?

Should one of you choose to help me out, I would hope that since you are on this forum you would be honest enough to actually follow through with the delivery of the package to me.

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I'm a busniness owner in Northern Virginia and would be willing to help. Our UPS Software estimated the shipping charges for UPS standard service (including duty tax for a small box weighing 10lbs.) to be $35.00. I used a generic zip code for Toronto of M5V1J3, which should be accurate. The shipping may be cheaper if you found someone closer to the Buffalo area. If not, let me know and I'll reply with my address.
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