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Perhaps one less Imola 03 in the world...

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So i got the gokart rear quarter panel tag on the hwy by a grand cherokee, turned sideways, t-boned on the passenger side and then managed to collect about 25 feet of guardrail on the drivers side. Car looks bad, waiting to hear from the adjustors. My bet is that it is totalled but lets see what the adjustor/estimator says first.

So what do I replace it with? I need to have a back seat and i sue this as a daily driver with 80 miles a day on it so my thoughts are:
1. find another e39 m5, pref imola, pref with dinan goodies
2. take the settlement and put it into a newer m3 convertible with goodies on it
3. find something other than a bimmer that can offer a great driving experience (hard to do - RS4?)
4. bite the bullet and buy a year old m6 which i would love but would rather spend $ elsewhere


oh, and for those who will ask, i will let you know if it is totalled and what the option to buy it is, if it is offered to me. It was mostly stock though i have Dinan CAI sitting in my garage waiting to be installed.

Will post pics when I get some - but they'll make you cry
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