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Is it likely my pedal pot is the same for the M5 and the fly by wire style 540 .. I have one of each and One WORKS 100% the other one is acting up ... ONE is never going to move from my driveway (wreck and WORKING 540) and the other is NOT working 100% ....

the parts visually look the same. is it possible they are ... before i spend almost $500.00 on a part I may have (that never gave me any grief) thought Id ask ... seems to ONLY act up when it is raining but not always .. just the last few days. stumbles a bit bit seems to work fine other than that ...

threw a OBDII code P0121
as well as code P1637

is it the ACTUATOR under the plenum or the pedal pot OR potentially something else (pardon the pun)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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