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Hello all, I just bought a 2000 e39 M5 this year with 94k miles. I have been catching it up on routine maintenance and the check engine light is on.

From peake table 1b:
AA - Secondary Air System, flow too low
b2 - catalyst system efficiency cyl #1-3
48 - Intake camshaft Vanos advance valve
68 (6B?) - Control unit self test, pre drive check of drive-by-wire

I understand it may have the carbon buildup and that is what the first one is. However I discovered under the car the pump wasnt plugged in or the hose connected so I am cautiously optimistic that one may go away if I clear it. I hope the second one isn't a bad cat and maybe just a bad O2 sensor (pre/Post?). After all at this mileage they are probably due to be replaced. The last two I know very little about but plan to do more research on. Any help would be appreciated!
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