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Paintwork Condition - I feel could have been Better ?

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Hi - Looking for some guided opinion ?

Had my very own carbon black M5 delivered (finally!) - and very much pleased with the car/spec..etc - getting to know the various quirks of the car.

However, I feel that the vehicle body condition could have been a lot better ( maybe I am just being fussy - expecting the car to be immaculate ) - no dents etc - mainly bonnet stone chips and rear bumper grazing..etc - I suppose to be expected for a 2000 model - but I personally feel that as a BMW dealer supplied vehicle the condition should have been much better - and I have told them so (sent very detailed email with pictures) earlier today.

I don't know what the dealers response might be - however I want to be prepared in case things don't go positively - I am aware re-marketed vehicles by BMW in the UK have to satisfy a certain standard - anyone know what this is and what to do in case they feel the standard hasn't been met ?

Anyone, with similiar experiences and advice on what to look out for and do - appreciate your support.

And by the way - I bought the car on a deal done over the phone without actually seeing the car (I know not really a sensible - even if buying from BMW)

Cheers :M5thumbs:
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PPS you can also get the car mop polished, believe me it will be like new, again don't try this yourself.... You will go through the lacquer if you don't know what you are doing.

I would first buy a Zymol kit, Apply the 'chocolate paste' to remove light scrathes and repolish/nourish the car then a simple carbon wax (zymol) and you will probably be shocked how good the car will look. Zymol is expensive but fantastic stuff that really cares for the paint and lacquer...

If your still unhappy call an expert ;)
Unfortunately, I don't think the dealer will help much and I doubt you have any legal recourse. The CPO here is mainly mechanical; it is up to the buyer to inspect the car and haggle the price if the paint is damaged, etc.

As stated above I would take the car to the best detailer/body shop I could find and have them give it the full treatment.

Good luck!
Many (myself included) have complained about the soft water-based paint BMW now uses. It does seem to chip easily.
Thanks to all for replying.

I have spent the last 6 hours cleaning / polishing the car - and I must admit I feel a lot happy - phew - just goes to show what a little TLC can do - I will be posting picture shortly, do have a look and let me know what you think.

Cheers :M5launch:
Congrats on your new car! I have a 2000 titanium silver M5 in London, and although the paint can chip quite easily, it is amazing what a good detailing will do to make the car look virtually like new.

Cheers, Daniel.
It's not just the older BMW's that might have paint problems. A few months ago I was at the dealer waiting to pickup my car, and I was in the showroom. There were two black cars on the floor. While the one looked absolutely dramatic in its smoothness, the other had what appeared to be equally dramatic orange peel throughout the finish.

I read someplace, not sure where anymore, that in Germany with their concerns over umweltverschmutzung, the clear coat is not as hard as what is applied to cars made here in the states. Something to do with the dryers in the clearcoat I think. Maybe there is something to that and it explains why the paint chips so easily.
Congrats on the new car! Happy Motoring:1:
Hi - here's some pics I took yesterday.

Cheers :)


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Congrats! It looks like only you will know about your paint imperfections!
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