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Both Karl Marks and I have done some recent research on this exact topic, as we were searching for the actual paint code for the M Parallel rims used for the E34 M5. There are two silver BMW wheel paints that I have tracked down through my automotive refinishing contacts locally here in CA. Each has a simple color name of “Silver” and there is no official paint code for either. The first was noted as a color first available in ’90 and the second shows an availability date of ’96. Each of these colors were used for all BMW factory painted rims in their respective time-frames.

Additionally I have spoken to the local shop that I have used for wheel refinishing/polishing for many years now and they use a specific formulation for Silver wheel paint that is shared by BMW, Porsche as well as Ferrari. They also confirmed that there is no specific paint code for this color as it is identified only as “Silver” just as what I had been told by a local automotive paint distributor as well. The long and short of this is that there are only a couple of different shades of silver used by nearly all of the European car manufacturers which all appear to be within only a few shades of each other based on my visually reviewing all of them available.

Although I would not paint the throwing star covers with spray paint from a can personally, as I have an extensive background in automotive refinishing, etc. I will share the following since it may be useful to both you and others out there seeking similar options. While I was recently picking up a few items at a local major auto parts retailer I spotted a wheel paint from Dupli-Color that was being marketed as a “High Performance Wheel Coating” that “provides a premium original equipment finish”. I bought a can of the Silver # WP101 just to check the color match with both the E34 M5 M Parallel’s as well as the earlier Throwing Star’s, as it was a minimal investment to begin with. Surprisingly enough this paint matched both of the factory E34 M5 wheels perfectly when simply using it to touch up small chips on each of the two different rims of mention here.

Therefore, if you are seeking this type of solution I would not hesitate mentioning this paint as a recommendation based on the color match alone. Although these types of spray paints are not of the same level quality as those used professionally by body shops, etc. they will still provide adequate results if applied properly after following the appropriate procedure for paint prep.

Although Dupli-Color is a US based company I’m sure that in inquiry could either provide you with a possible distributor in Europe or other recommendations to obtain this or another product of similar or equal quality there in Germany. Here is a link to the Dupli-Color websites wheel paint products.

Dupli-Color Wheel Products

Hope this is helpful to you and anyone else seeking similar information for themselves.


Ken Little
Bay Area M5's
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