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overfilled oil

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I just had my oil changed at 2100 miles and when I got home I noticed they charged me for 8 quarts of oil. No big thing except the engine only holds 6.9 quarts according to the manual. I then checked the dipstick and sure enough, it is all the way to the top of the plastic. I will return and have a quart drained out, but I am wondering what kind of damage this might cause and how soon. I will have driven about 40 miles before I get it fixed. I am so mad and disgusted right now I can hardly type. Thanks for any feedback.
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I had the same experience at the dealer. The bill said 8 quarts when the car only holds 7. When I called the tech directly, he said that he actually only put in 7.5 quarts(the half full bottle was still on his workbench)since the dipstick didn't indicate full after 7 quarts. I asked him if he checked the oil level according to the manual (ie, with engine at operating temp etc.) and he said NO. It appears that this synthetic expands slightly with heat. Just have the excess drained ASAP. Incompetence knows no bounds!

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